What sites do you cover with automated removal? Is this list permanent?

The OneRep system is capable of processing an automated opt-out on almost any known people search site. See the complete list here. This list is not fixed. It grows as we discover and add newly appeared people search sites. It can also shrink when some sites temporarily drop off. This can happen for one of these reasons:

  • A people search site can stop responding to opt-out requests due to their internal technical problems and other reasons. In this case, we remove the site from the list until they become responsive again.
  • A site has updated its opt-out procedure and it takes us longer than a couple of days to adjust our algorithm. In this case, we temporarily remove the site from the system and our engineers work to build a new opt-out algorithm for this specific site.

Eventually, all sites that once dropped off get back on our list of sites covered by the OneRep automated removal. If you signed up for OneRep when a certain site was not on the list and then it comes back, our system will scan this site for your information as soon as it’s back. If your records are found, they will appear in your account. First they will be labeled as Pending and then assigned another status as the opt-out process unfolds.

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