Do you remove arrest records?

When a people search site receives the opt-out request, they have to remove your entire profile. This means that when OneRep requests the opt-out from the sites we cover with the automatic removal, all your exposed details will be removed, including your name, address, DOB, family ties and all public records, which include  arrest records, traffic tickets, lien records, and many more.

However, there are sites such as mugshot websites, states arrest record sites and others specialising in criminal records. Your arrest records may be suppressed from them if your case has been dismissed, expunged or sealed. We don’t cover these sites with our automatic service (OneRep Individual and OneRep Family plans), but we provide the OneRep Individual+ plan for such complex cases. If you’re on the OneRep Individual+ plan, feel free to send us links to the information you’d like to remove at and we will process them on an individual basis.

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