How can I track my removal process?

You can track the removal process in your user account. Near every search result next to every search result there are one of the statuses indicated: "pending", "request is submitted", "removed" or "ID is required".

  • "Pending"—opt-out request is about to be submitted.
  • "Request is submitted"—our agents have prepared and sent the opt out request on your behalf or submitted it through our automated removal system.
  • "Removed"—the removal of this record is successfully completed.
  • "ID is required"—some of the removals are not possible without the copy of your ID.

Certain data brokers require to verify your identity before they will remove your personal information. In order for us to act on your behalf, we kindly ask that you provide us this important information.

For security reasons you may cross out your photo and ID number.

Remember, all information you provide is ONLY used for the purpose of removing your personal data from people search websites and data broker databases.

You will also be getting automatically generated email notifications on every complete removal.

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