How can I edit my personal information in my user account?

Any changes to your information will lead to the renewal of your search results. We will incorporate the new details and perform the next scan based on the updated information. 

The details you can edit include:

  1. Full name
    Please note that you need to contact our support team at to change your full name.
  2. Address
    In case your primary address is no longer relevant, you can delete it in the settings section of your user account. Please note that it is impossible to delete the only address since OneRep system requires this information to perform an accurate search. You can add extra addresses and afterwards delete the irrelevant one. 
  3. Other details
    To change other personal details, please go to the settings section in your user account. 

To edit your personal details in the user account, please go to, select the Manage Profile tab, click on the green round icon next to View Results, and then click on Edit Profile.

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