Can I remove my listings myself?

Yes, you can, but the process can be complicated and time-consuming:

  • You’ll face the daunting task of dealing with dozens of websites, each with their own unique interface, specific opt-out process, and a host of requirements. Some websites want you to fill out forms; others require emails; still others request receiving confirmation codes via robocalls.
  • After you’ve submitted your opt-out request, you’ll need to come back in a while to check if the listing has actually been removed. Some sites will remove your listing immediately, while others take days to weeks to fulfil your request. 
  • People search sites update their databases with new information all the time and your unauthorized profiles can reappear. You need to come back to these sites from time to time (ideally once a month) to check whether this has happened and submit a new opt-out request if your listing has reappeared. 
  • It’s a challenge to find yourself on all people search sites that have posted your information. On average, our system finds a person on 35 sites with 88 personal records across those sites. To find all your records, you need to check around 100 sites. 

OneRep is here to take this burden off your shoulders but if you still feel like you would like to attempt it yourself, we’ve created a list of do-it-yourself opt-out guides for all people search sites to make your life easier. Also, you can check out some useful removal tips here.

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