Why do I need to provide OneRep with my address, phone number, and other personal information?

It is essential that you add as much information about yourself into your OneRep account as possible. Why this is important: 

  • It helps to exclude other people’s listings from your scan results:
    Details such as your middle name, previous addresses where you lived, your phone numbers, and name given at birth all allow our system to recognize your listings among potentially hundreds of listings of other people with similar names, and to filter out those irrelevant listings from your search results. 
  • Find listings with outdated information about you:
    People search sites do not update their databases in real time. You can move to another location, but a number of sites will keep listing your previous address as your current one for months and even years. If you are unable to add your previous addresses into your account, a number of your listings will remain undetected and will not be removed. The same is true for your previous last names.
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