How long does it take to remove my information from Google?

There are two factors that need to be taken into consideration when answering this question.  

  • Google indexes hundreds of your unauthorized listings:
    If your goal is to have your unauthorized information removed from Google, you need to remove your listings from as many people search sites as you possibly can. You cannot rely on removing your info from sites at the top of Google search results only. Once you remove yourself from WhitePages, Spokeo, BeenVerified and the like, Google pulls up other websites with your unauthorized profiles from further down its search results. On average, we find a person on 35 sites with 88 personal records across those sites. OneRep removes you from the widest number of people search sites, including all major ones, which drastically minimizes the unwanted listings in your Google search results.  
  • Links to your deleted profiles stay in Google search results for a while: 
    Removing your profile from people search sites does not equal immediate removal from Google. The links to your removed profiles can remain visible in Google search results for about two weeks after they have been deleted from a people search site. It takes up to several days for Google to update its search results and exclude links to your deleted listings. You can speed things up by clearing your Google cache
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