Why has my information reappeared?

People search sites update their databases with new information all the time and your unauthorized profiles can reappear. In addition, new people search sites pop up on the web. Here’s what OneRep does to prevent your information from reappearing.

  • Monitoring for listings reappearance:
    Your subscription for OneRep’s automatic removal service includes scheduled monitoring for listing reappearance. Once a month our system scans all sites that we cover to check if your listing has reappeared. If the system detects a listing reappearance, the listing is added to your dashboard so that you can track its removal status.
  • Monitoring for newly appeared people search sites:
    We have a system in place for monitoring the web for newly appearing people search sites. Once this system detects a new site that publishes people’s profiles without their authorization, our team reviews this site’s opt-out process and adds it to the list of the sites we cover with the automatic removal. During the regular monthly scan, our system checks whether your listing is published on this site and schedules the removal of your detected listings. 
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