Why does it take so long to remove my information from the Internet?

There are several reasons.

  1. People search sites do not rush to remove your data. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks for a site to remove your profile at our request. Some of these sites process removal requests manually, which extends the removal time. In other cases, people search sites ignore the requests from our system and it takes several automated opt-out attempts until they finally delete your profile.
  2. People search sites update their databases from time to time, so your records may reappear on the same website, even after your profile has been removed. This is why we continuously monitor people search sites. If we find your personal information relisted, we initiate the removal process on your behalf all over again.
  3. We never stop searching for and finding new people search sites that expose your personal information. That’s why even when OneRep removed all of your unauthorized profiles, new sites appear and the system launches removal time and time again. See the list of people search sites we currently remove your unauthorized personal information from here
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